Thursday, March 7, 2013

At least the sun is out today and there is blue sky!!! Hooray for a happy Mama!!!

After paying bills and doing laundry and playing with kiddos, I have to say, I'm not motivated to get dressed. Who cares, right? Of if you do, poop on you :-)

We got back from Gulf Shores a couple weeks ago. Great time, you should see it. Lovely, immaculate beaches. Claire had a blast so now we've added {huge} sandbox to our summer project list. Who can deny a girl such fun-other than the fact I loathe sand any place other than outside. Did I mention we obtained sand in the Sequoia from the defroster? Bleh! Oh well, that's what full service car washes are if it'd just quit snowing, I'd make it worthwhile.

Other projects on my mind: finish our bedroom, paint the main living areas and kitchen, plan landscaping for outdoors, pain the front door eggplant (Free quart of paint at Ace this Saturday-makes for a really awesome project!), paint garage doors something other than (yuck!) brown, plant a vine tunnel for the girlies, landscape, landscape, landscape. There's more, but I don't want to bore you. I better start working all my hours at work or these projects won't be going very fast unless I acquire some more free supplies like the paint.

Now, Mother Nature, please warm us up a bit!! We're ready for the lake in our driveway to start filling...