Monday, September 16, 2013

Not So Perfect

What the heck?
It was a great day. It has ended. Well, it got rough.
So many things I read show a perfect house with a perfect family with perfect pictures. 
Am I near that perfect?
Do I wish I could be?
But. I'm. Not.
When I overanalyze it (my strong suit), I become quite depressed. I don't have enough of anything to make anything in my life perfect, except my family. Will I raise the best kids? Probably not. Will I raise respectful kids? I sure as hell hope so. Am I treated like the Queen I feel I am? Haha!! Jokes on me! 
Instead, I do yell at my toddler. Am I happy with it? Not the slightest!! Am I patient? Not at all. Well, except on a really good day. Was today a really good day? It should've been because I only had one to be frustrated with. Where do my frustrations lie? In creating that perfect little person. 
So, it is to bed I shall go. I might beat myself up a little bit.
All because my life isn't perfect. Neither is anyone else's.
So, I think I'll just be content with my life just as it is,
because I am so blessed God has given me everything I have-frustrations and all.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I keep thinking, one day I'll blog more frequently. Well, maybe this day is coming sooner than I would've thought. Honestly though, I'd love to do it more as I do find writing about this-and-that fairly rewarding. I'm not a stellar writer by ANY means but you will find my words spelled correctly since I am quite a snob when it comes to "anyways" and the their/there problem many people seem to have. It's alright though, I won't hold it against you :-)

So what are the Riordans up to these days? Claire started 2 she can officially walk with her hands on her hips. Yep, that's what she learned day 1. Last week she said she learned hello feet, goodbye feet, whatever that is. Maybe the ballerinas out there can clue me in. I was a gymnast, not particularly a dancer {although I did try but I sat out most things!} Kieran started walking just days before she turned 1 but she still isn't totally off the floor. If she's aiming to chase her sister, she'll get down and crab-run her way as best as she can! Morgan, well, Morgan prefers to sleep outside most nights right now. It's been beastly hot, however, she could care less. Maybe she sees it as an escape from two toddlerish girls. I'd like to run, too, but I think I'd get turned in. Nate, he keeps, house projects, the girls, you name it. He might sit down about this time to watch something like Breaking Bad or House Hunters haha! Breaking Bad or Under the Dome are his preferences right now. I'd check out House Hunters but they never seem to look in my price range on some long lost island so it's not as interesting as it could be for me. Otherwise, I'll still do Rehab Addict because that's probably my dream...If only Henry County, Iowa had a market for someone/something like that. I'd be on it. However, if you ask anyone I know, houses might take about 3 years to sell so it probably wouldn't make us rich like it does for her!

I can write more another day since I have a million things on my mind these days. Claire turns 3 on October1 {yikes} and I can't hardly believe it!! I am so super excited for her since she is finally excited. Thanks to a sister, a couple of cousins and friends with recent birthdays, she knows EXACTLY what comes of birthdays! We won't get away with wrapping up a carseat this time!! Actually, I've yet to do that but if Kieran had been something more than 16 lbs when she turned 1, a new Britax was in order.  That can wait for Christmas now {lucky her!}. And just in case you were wondering, no, I do not starve her. She eats like it's the Apocalypse tomorrow.

Since tomorrow is a day of note, I shall say, I remember exactly where I was 12 years ago tonight and tomorrow. I'm humbled by it and am so thankful for everything my country offers-for good and for bad.