Monday, September 16, 2013

Not So Perfect

What the heck?
It was a great day. It has ended. Well, it got rough.
So many things I read show a perfect house with a perfect family with perfect pictures. 
Am I near that perfect?
Do I wish I could be?
But. I'm. Not.
When I overanalyze it (my strong suit), I become quite depressed. I don't have enough of anything to make anything in my life perfect, except my family. Will I raise the best kids? Probably not. Will I raise respectful kids? I sure as hell hope so. Am I treated like the Queen I feel I am? Haha!! Jokes on me! 
Instead, I do yell at my toddler. Am I happy with it? Not the slightest!! Am I patient? Not at all. Well, except on a really good day. Was today a really good day? It should've been because I only had one to be frustrated with. Where do my frustrations lie? In creating that perfect little person. 
So, it is to bed I shall go. I might beat myself up a little bit.
All because my life isn't perfect. Neither is anyone else's.
So, I think I'll just be content with my life just as it is,
because I am so blessed God has given me everything I have-frustrations and all.

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